About Autentico & Chalk Paint


Welcome to the world of probably the best chalk and lime paints available...Autentico and we are the largest stockist of these paints in the Harrogate area. 

 All Autentico chalk and lime paints are waterbased, free of solvents and other harmfull additives. The paint is also EN71-3 compliant, meaning it is safe to use on children's and babies furniture. 

The Autentico range of chalk and lime paints help you achieve a beautiful chalky finish to both new and old furniture and creating that sought after 'shabby chic' look has never been easier. This fantastic paint, sticks to almost anything too with no need for extensive priming. With over 140 hand picked colours on offer, Autentico has the most comprehensive colour palette, so there is no need to mix colours yourself. They do it all for you.

Autentico's experienced team of colour specialists have composed a simply stunning colour scheme for all of their paint types. These are:

AUTENTICO VINTAGE - a superb chalk paint for furniture. This decorative chalk paint is ideal for distressing furniture and there is no need for extensive priming and it sticks to almost any surface. A wax product needs to be applied after painting to seal your piece of furniture and give a long lasting durability. Available in 100ml tester pots, 1L and 2.5L tins. 

 AUTENTICO VELVET - a professional chalk paint for a superb finish on walls. A sealer needs to be applied after painting to give long lasting durability. Available in 2.5L tins.

AUTENTICO VERSANTE - MATT - a hard wearing chalk paint suitable for use outdoors on wooden furniture, stone planters, glass surfaces, PVC, garage doors and other metals. There is no need for any sealer, wax or varnish finishing and has a built in UV filter and moisture control barrier. Available in 1L and 2.5L tins. 

AUTENTICO VERSANTE - SOFT SHEEN - a hard wearing chalk based eggshell with a slight sheen developed for painting interior and exterior surfaces. With a built in UV filter and advanced moisture control filter, this paint is ideal for bathrooms or kitchens. Again there is no need for any sealer, wax or varnish finishing. Available in 1L and 2.5L tins.  

AUTENTICO VENICE - a pure lime paint for creating stunning walls and to achieve the real aged French look on furniture. Available in 1L and 2.5L tins. 

 AUTENTICO ESTERNO - an outdoor paint especially for woodwork. Available in 5L tins. 


If you would like more information on any of the paints listed above please do pop in to the shop, we are always happy to give you a demonstration.

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