Autumn Hedgerow Berry & Apple Crumble

Our apple and blackberry crumble recipe is my favourite pud, it's a wonderfully autumnal dessert and is perfect served as a post-walk pudding or following a delicious Sunday roast. Both fruits come into season in late August/early September so hunting out these berries whilst out walking at the weekend shouldn't be difficult. My Mum's been baking this classic dessert for as long as I can remember and I'm yet to find another recipe that has the perfect balance between the tartness of the juicy fruit and the buttery, sugary crumble topping. In my opinion this crumble is best served with a generous pouring of fresh double cream, although my Dad and Husband will argue that you can't beat a dollop of hot and creamy custard.

This recipe serves four and takes approximately 45 minutes to make including cooking time.

What you'll need

For the crumble topping:

170g plain flour

90g margarine or unsalted butter

60g golden caster sugar

For the fruit compote:

200g hedgerow brambles or blackberries

2 Bramley apples

2 tablespoons of golden caster sugar (to taste)

To serve (optional):

Single or double cream

Vanilla ice cream


What to do
  1. Pre-heat your oven to 190°C (fan), gas mark 5.

  2. Starting with the crumble topping, add the flour and butter in to a mixing bowl and rub together with your hands until it resembles a fine breadcrumb like texture.

  3. Add the sugar and stir with a wooden spoon until combined and set aside.

  4. Now for the fruit compote, be sure to wash your freshly picked berries and remove any stalk heads and peel the Bramley apples.

  5. Next, using a fruit/vegetable peeler carefully grate/peel fine slices of the apples (as opposed to chopping in to the conventional diced chunks)

  6. Layer half of the apple slices (1 apple) flat in an oven proof dish and then sprinkle over all of the blackberries.

  7. Cover these layers with 1 tablespoon of sugar.

  8. Then layer the second half of the apple slices on top.

  9. Cover with 1 tablespoon of sugar.

  10. Lay the crumble topping mixture over the top of the fruit ensuring all the fruit is covered.

  11. Place the dish in the oven and bake for approximately 25 - 30 minutes, keep an eye on the top whilst cooking, you'll know it's done when the topping is golden brown and the juices from the fruit have started to bubble at the sides.

  12. Serve warm with your choice of accompaniment and enjoy.

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