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Sweet | Floral | Fresh

'Sleep' Candle by The Little Yorkshire Candle Co.

  • SLEEP comprises all that is pleasant and refined about a relaxed Yorkshire midsummer afternoon. Think balmy heat and blue skies, wild, beautiful countryside, fresh coastal breezes and cricket teas. Sweet lavender, chamomile and lavendin combine to create a therapeutic, camphorous fragrance which promotes peace and induces deeper, more restorative sleep.


    Candle Care: 

    Like all of our candles, SLEEP is 100% natural, born of botanics.

    Our candles comprise essential oils, plant extracts, beeswax, soya and coconut and a natural cotton or linen wick, depending on the fragrance. No synthetics, no hidden nasties. Each candle is hand-poured in small batches in North Yorkshire. They come packaged with a chic copper lid and gift box featuring exclusive verse by The Yorkshire Prose and illustrations by acclaimed Yorkshire artist Sarah Relf.

    Burn time: 40 hours (approx)