Our Story

Just So Interiors in Harrogate is the creation of Rebecca and Angela Moore. We believe interior design is a very personal service; we are invited into your home to create an individual space that reflects the way you live. So we thought, as we like to find out all about you, you might like to find out something about us. 


Rebecca’s Story

Ever since I can remember I have loved design. Of course, when I was little I didn’t know that was what it was, I just knew that I liked making things, I liked drawing instead of writing and colours came alive for me, so that when someone said something was blue, I could see that it was also green or grey.

Naturally then, my Saturday job was in an interior design shop in Harrogate. My choice of degree, obviously, was Textile Design, specialising in knitwear. My path was set, I had a job lined up for when I graduated, everything was going to plan.

The best plans, however, are often the ones we haven’t even thought of. My boss at the interior design shop was selling up. I had one of those ‘can we really do this’ moments with my Mum, who has huge experience in customer service and a natural flair for interiors. I had my final year to complete at University and a dissertation mountain to climb but it was an opportunity too good to miss.

There was no time for finding my feet in that first year, I juggled the demands of my course with seeing customers and suppliers, it was crazy but great for focusing on what really matters. Now I am lucky enough to be able to devote all my time to Just So, filling the shop full of beautiful things and visiting customers to advise and inspire – I can’t wait to see what the future brings.

Angela’s Story

Like lots of people, interior design started as a hobby. I was a busy working Mum with two girls and I wanted our home to look nice on a budget. I did small projects at first, stencilled my daughter’s bedrooms, learnt about fabrics so I could make my own curtains and blinds and then of course, make them for family and friends too. I looked at pieces of furniture that had seen better days and wondered how I could improve them, so I went on courses to learn about furniture painting and distressing. It was all DIY but gradually I built up a good store of knowledge, just for fun, or so I thought.

When the opportunity came along to work with my daughter and build something together, I jumped at the chance. The timing was all wrong and for the first year I ran the shop on my own while Rebecca finished her degree but I was in my element. Lots of people who come into the shop are doing small home projects themselves and I love to help them and build their confidence, it’s a really rewarding way to work. Skills I’ve learnt I can now pass on through advice and workshops – Just So feels like a community where we can share our passion.

This is a truly family business - my husband and my younger daughter help out too -and I hope our customers feel the difference. Rebecca and I visit all our customers together so you get the very best ideas from our breadth of knowledge. We care about home, we know how important it is to have a place you can relax and be yourself, to create your own space for the way you live. 


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